For today's On Wednesday We Wear Art me and My Friend Court Declared it a freestyle with the prompt of a daydream! We where excited to use our creativity to get this going! SOO my Artist today is the master artist - God! I think this is such an awesome time to celebrate all the beauty that the Creator creates especially with Christmas only 8 days away! :) Speaking of Christmas next week Court and I will be taking christmas week off! But def check our blogs for ways to get involved with #OnWednesdayWeWearArt in the new year! Now Back to it! I'd been dreaming of playing in leaves ever since I experienced my first fall! All the city's that I 've lived in I'd never seen a proper fall until now! I mentioned this to my sister that I wanted to play in leaves and unbeknownst to me she found just the best place!

Wednesday's DayDream

Do you ever just look up at the sky or sit up and look around. Notice the flowers and their colors and the leaves how the change their wardrobes seasons to season? I do! Between fall and spring I'm not sure which one is the best! But this post is to talk about fall and how the Creator, in our everyday surroundings, has given us art. Art in the various shades and patterns of leaves. Art in the majestic sunsets and sunrises.

Art in the mums and the rosses. And the green grass that pushes it's way through the fall leaves to be seen.  Art, in the Fluffy clouds in the sky, that look fit for a ride. The sun that plays hide and seek with the moon. Art even in the nude trees that now stand bare in winter, showing off all they've got.

Yes, Looking at all that we have to feast our eyes on, it's easy to over look it. But take some time. Take a walk and see if you can see all the creativity that is around us. You see it in the artistry of a new born baby. In the hearts of people during the christmas season.  In the evergreen type, Christmas trees that come into our homes that we decorate with glee.

What are some ways that you see art around you? Be it in your sister's smile. Or your mom's laugh. Maybe it's in your brother singing one of his favorite christmas songs. Art is every where and from every where we gather our inspiration and express our love for others , life, and our selves. Tis the season when everything sparkles and is bright. Take some time to see the art that is around you. Photograph it and bask in it's beauty! Check out Court's post to see what she was day dreaming about here!


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